As there  is a lack of educational facilities  in a small town of meerapur .The people of meerapur send their wards either  to meerut or bijnor  to provide good education. Understanding the needs of the people and difficulties  of the people. St. Xavier world school opened his branch in his small town to provide good education and modern education to the children of meerapur. So that they can compete the world and face the problem as the children of big cities faced and gets solution.

Because childrens are our assets or future of the country so getting good education is their basic needs. For fulfilling their needs a good institution is must for keeping this in mind and with an aim to create the new members or important person of the society St. Xavier’s world school is opened here.

When you entered here you feels that you are entering the 21st century school .there is reception from where you get the full information regarding the school.

Move few steps forward  you saw  ground for providing kids good sports opportunities for indoor games like badminton,  table tennis and for outdoor sports like volleyball, football ,hockey and also a cricket academy run by coach Dr. Irshad  Ahmad who coaches the prominent students who  are coached by his eye to nurtured  their talent and improved their cricket skills so that one day they became  a great player to play international cricket and write the name of small town  of meerapur in golden words . With this aim the students are trained.

Move upwards you view well equipped class rooms with smart classes and modern science lab, maths lab, sst. Lab, computer lab is set up to provided best experimental experience to the students. A dance and music room is also provided for the students to learn Dance and Music to those students who were keen to learn and innovate new forms in their dance and music carrier.

Our teaching staff is fully dedicated to teach the students to generate best from them all the teachers are well educated and well mannered all are B.Ed. Some teachers may come from Meerut to teach the students it is their dedication and their willingness to groom the students. So that the students may face the challenges of life and succeed in winning them.

It is the dedication of the teachers which help in growing the institution. We all are proud to have such a reputated staff. Whose vision is to grow the institution.

And make the students capable to move in the higher society and make the people aware from which institution they belong.

Our commitments

  • To provide challenging opportunities by increasing the learning options available to our students.
  • To achieve the best possible academic results.
  • To strive to make our learning culture more holistic.
  • To explore, evaluate and implement alternative student’s assessments.
  • To bring joy into school by promoting hands on learning experiences.
  • To integrate people’s professional skills into the management of the school.
  • To organize human development programs for teachers, parents and students.
  • To promote the development of life skills as part of the curriculum.